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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  January 3, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. it is not a bad start weather wise or traffic wise. marty has the weather. >> it is a pretty calm morning. generally calm skies. and not 39 but 40. and 31 this evening. clear through the day and unseasonbly chilly. >> take it away. >> soon it set it off. shear is sharon. >> it is all clear. and we can look at the speed centers around the beltway. and it it is almost all the areas and the northwest side. and it is always a bit slower at 51 miles an hour. >> everyone looking good outside on the cameras. and 83 at shah. and westside -- and at shawan road. and remember, wjz 13 is always
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on. log on to a missing teenager seen a week ago in northwest baltimore city. andrea fujii is there. >> reporter: she went missing last tuesday and police had some tips on where she might be, they still haven't found her. >> my baby is not a runaway. >> reporter: she is desperate to find her 16-year-old daughter felicia barnes missing since tuesday. >> i am an emotional wreck. i don't know my gut feeling because my feelings are all over the place. >> reporter: she live insist north carolina and was here for the holidays. she is not familiar with the city and disappeared with her wallet and cellphone and left her money in the apartment. her family thinks she was going
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to get food. >> doesn't appear there was any foul play at this point. >> this is a very, a good kid. good young girl. straight a student from north carolina. >> they had a report she was staying in a shelter and the shelter staff was mistake be about her identity. >> no one knows where she is at. someone knows where she is at. i am it willing you right now -- i am telling you right now, god will get you. >> reporter: she wanted to graduate high school early and attend towson university. >> she was last seen waring a hooded blue -- wearing a hooded blue pea coat. if you know anything, call police. this pitcher is a main suspect in the killing of a 25-year-old. he killed him friday night and
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they are waiting for him to turn himself in there. >> he already told the orioles he is innocent in the matter. if convicted, he could face 30 year it is in prison. they tallied two homicides. and the latest marquis hall gunned down just before five on saturday night. a 21-year-old man died in south baltimore after being stabbed several times. later today, they will be sworn in. and take the oath of office and become the new top prosecutor. he beat out the incumbent and ran opposed in the general election. he blamed the incumbent for long prison terms for repeat offenders. more speed cameras could be coming soon. we have more on a new proposal in baltimore county. >> reporter: ask about speed
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cameras anden opinions run al-- and opinions run along these two lines. >> be careful and don't speed. >> they want to make money. >> reporter: they first approved a limit of speed cameras allow school zones from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and anyone caught did going 12 miles an hour over the speed, they get a ticket. >> they are revenue neutral. >> reporter: now leading the charge to remove the 15 camera limit so more could be by schools. >> why should we have police officer giving tickets in a school zone. when he o could be out there going after the bad guys. >> reporter: on the streets, they are still divided. >> people don't drive the speed limit or they wouldn't be worried about the cameras. >> you can't fight and deal with them in court. you can't face your accuser.
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>> yes, you have to be safe. >> and they have to make tax revenue some how and it is obvious where it is going to come from. >> a vote on the speed camera proposal is for february 7th and it could go into effect later that month. >> while you would get a $40 fine from a speed camera, you won't get any points on your license at this point. >> you may have heard this one before. >> brett favre said he won't be returning next season. he didn't play in minnesota's game yesterday. because of the concussion he sustained a couple of weeks ago. despite a dismal season. he doesn't regret coming back to play. >> it as wonderful life for me. and one game, one season, does not define me. >> the 41-year-old quarterback
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injured his shoulder earlier this season. he is serious about retiring this time and he retired in 2008 when he played in green bay and in 2009 when he played for the jets. if they win another super bowl. it is as a wild card again. some wearing purple and black are feeling a little bit blue. >> reporter: good morning. despite 12 regular season victories and a third straight trip to the playoffs. some ravens admit disappointment about how they barely beat the bengals. the offense sputtered throughout the and joe flacco was sacked four times. they were supposed to move it over and did that four times. >> they had twice lewis recovered a fumble. the only ravens touchdown was a 7-yard did run by ray wright.
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and baltimore holds on for a 13-7 win. >> it isn't pretty but it as win. >> you don't want them ever often. but this was a meaningful win for us. >> i am disappointed. >> some of those things. >> we have to find a way to win the next game. we have to move forward with that. >> we are not apologizing for a win. >> 12-4. and regardless of how you got it. >> they finished their home schedule with seven wins and eight games. >> on the roads for the third consecutive year. >> and they are a wild card team again. and beat the brown consist yesterday. en and led the way. and steelers nab the top spot. with a 42-9 victory. and wjz, is the place. and you can see all the playoff
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action here. beginning at 1:00. >> sunday afternoon. i think part of the consternation here. it was an ugly blood at the end of the game in the coliseum yesterday. it was a flat out ugly mood. people don't get including myself, our offense. where the heck are these guys? i know we said on paper, it doesn't count. we play on a field. having said that, is it the play calling, design of the plays and play calling to the ability of the men on the field. all i know, we don't have a defense. that guy right there marvin lewis. said many years ago. god bless marvin.
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we lose to the bengals if we don't have the defense. >> it was all defense yesterday. >> beautiful thing. you would hear ray lewis. >> and if he slowed it up. the answer is n-0, no. >> derek johnson, you got to love him. he said we will talk the win twice or the gives it up to them every game. >> it is kind of like, exactly what is going on here. and there are no straight answers given. fs. >> okay -- given. >> okay. >> you will see the game here. the rubber has hit the road. we are in the post season. >> ray rice up the middle, i predict. >> really. >> hold on. >> somebody write that. >> at least 100 times.
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>> we will look at this part. >> yesterday, the rain cleared out. stayed kind of clear and matched mood of the game. 32-39-31. the morning, midday, and evening temperatures. call it a high of 40. >> pretty calm. and next bump in the road. >> maybe some snow showers. >> ron, i don't think, how are you. >> don, welcome back to being. >> great to have you. >> great to see everybody. it is our first manic monday of 2011. >> we have a great group. >> the he can mencal corporation. it is happening when the eye morning -- eyewitness morning rolls on. ,,
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. it is 6:13. >> i am still object sensed on the -- obsessed on the ravens thing. >> you don't feel the vibe.
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there is just no karma. 28 degrees. 50% humidity. northwest breezes at 10. can't really see. it is fluctuating. it is a comfortable chart. >> and bar ram motor is 30.22. looking at 20s in cumberland and once you get to d.c., east ton. and packs river. and that is where d.c. is. and bellaire. we are in the upper 20s. and 25. >> you folks have dropped 3 degrees in a half hour. >> clear skies. and we are not looking for any issues until we get to friday, the seventh of the month. >> on the seventh. on a behl curve, we see a
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straight down shot. >> we are going to see snow showers. >> and look what happens once you get into the mid week. >> look what happens on the second. >> if you charge it out. >> it is right around the seventh. >> and from downhill. >> it is undetermined the effect of the snow showers on friday. >> there is not a lot of concerns. and we will watch it ferriman you on just no carm rah. >> take it away. >> should you make a so far we are in the clear and no problems out there. >> there is a rook at the speed sensors for the beltway. the top and the westside still running with top speeds. and we can look outside. and the traffic is very light
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there. slightly heavier on the westside at liberty road. no delays. and there is 175. this is brought to you by quality toys and trucks. >> now, it is time for manic monday. >> ♪ >> good morning, ron. and how are we this day? >> we are doing great. >> i was telling the folks here compared to last monday morning. we are in south beach today. >> whoa. it is great. our first manic monday of 2011. if you want to do manic monday. and it is matt's art. and get a hold of them. we will make it happen. >> it is manic monday with this corporation. >> thanks for coming out.
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love the hard hats. >> this is mitch. >> how are you doing. >> go ravens. >> sunday, 1:00. raven, chiefs. be there. >> and the ecumenical corporation. >> we are starting our 20th year of building. caring. and compassionate community. and for homeless systems. and this friday, we are breaking grounds for the first green house skilled nursing facility in the state of maryland. >> that is going to be where the ritters played. >> behind the first base dugout. >> we become you for coming out. >> and great to see. our crew is here. the coach, good to see.
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>> we will get to that. >> luther. >> yo. >> lots that harry understand. and it is the of downs tomorrow. luther, hold on. >> i forgot this can here. >> stand by. by the way being the soup of the day at jimmy's is chicken orzoop. >> luther, let me hear the magic words. >> maestro, the music if you please. >> time to sing our song. >> it is manic monday in fell's point. >> the they got the beat. >> go ravens. >> go fins. you got it. stand by.
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♪ i was kissing valentino in a blue italian dream ""but i can't be late because i need to get paid. these are the days when i wish it was already made ""just another manic monday. >> "wish it was sunday. cause that's my fun day. i don't have to run day. just another manic monday. ." >> playoff caliber. >> give yourselves another hand. we will invite you back to the manic monday. and for the two of you decaf. >> hey, ron. >> can i call a you hadible for
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the line. in the back row on the other side is reverend jack sharp. >> who without him. >> without him. they would have gone down the tubes years ago. >> he did a fine job. >> always a pleasure to see you. >> thank you. >> happy birthday to don. >> that's right. >> hold object. ladies and gentlemen, we have shirts. >> we have got a shirt for don for your birthday and thank you for all you have done to help us in the past. >> thank you. >> ladies and gentlemen. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> many, many more. we appreciate everything you do. and baltimore loves you. and many, many income more to you. >> i am 60 years old. and i have the beard of a # one
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year old. >> i am catching up. >> the reason it isn't brought up. >> don doesn't like a big deal made out of his birthday. but it is another in day. >> i just ask happen to be born on this day. >> there you go. >> happy birthday. >> just another day. . >> happy birthday. >> guys, we are out of here. have a great day. go ravens. see you. the ravens scored 13-points. >> yeah. >> always the topic of discussion. whether you work on your birthday. or you don't. >> everybody would have their birth by are off today. it is your day today. >> you made an experience.
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>> and if i was king of the world. >> i wouldn't be working either l. >> this is the morning education. ,,,,,, óó?@(
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. a baltimore officer goes beyond the call of duty. it is all to save a dog in distress of the. >> reporter: penny is a chow/lab mix. they told us a short time ago. they had to don wet suits to keep her from drowning. she ranaway and almost drowned in the harbor. >> i left the door open. and she ran out. >> but today they are able to say thank you in person to the men in blue who saved the dog's life. >> it was 6:30 on wednesday. when the call came in on monday. a dog in distress. here harbaugh view. and at that time the temperature was 38 degrees. >> he was struggling.
6:26 am
and at that point you would see he was trying to hang on to some rebar. >> he put on the wet suit to help penny in the water. >> he was happy someone was there to clinic on. >> they searched all night and even this morning. then there was great relieve when she learned the lab mix was at the city shelter. >> i was a nervous wreck. >> trying to figure out where was. >> they go out on animal calls when needed. >> it had been wrong for if anyone to turn their back. and walk away. >> he says. he is a cat person. and doesn't have dogs. and happy to see her looking better better today. >> she said she is shooed she
6:27 am
survived. >> even hates tracking a bath. >> -- taking a bath. a shoot out in an ohio trailer park leaves two people dead. and including a sheriff's depp thank you. >> missing for nearly a week. where is this 16-year-old girl. her family and police want to know. her live report just ahead. the. >> we will let you know if that is goning any and she is talking and billy baldwin joinses us. >> it is the layings list caller. and it is over the past year and a half. >> we will explain all of this
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at 6:45 as the momo,,,,,,,,
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♪ oh, oh, oh
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. a car has caught fire on the beltway. and sharon will tell us where. >> it is called a car-barbecue. >> we need new batteries for this. >> i can tell as you read this. >> we will have sunshine through the day. and 39 at lunch. and going to a high at 40. and going back to the mid-30s. and clear skies. and no real weather problems coming. and we will explain that shortly. don, take it away. here is sharon. >> good morning, everyone. we understand that there is a car fire on the beltway. and we don't know of any and
6:32 am
there is a look at your and taking a live loom outside. you might have to tap your brakes between savage. and arundel mills. >> it is not yet delayed. >> it is the same situation there. >> and brought to you by the today dealer. and first time you will see more in the long run. >> more over to you. >> sheriff's deputy killed over the weekend. and it is caught on camera. >> we report for wjz. >> this is western ohio after a man took the life of a sheriff's deputy who never had the chance to take cover. >> 69 is down. i repeat. 69 is down. >> it was between the man in
6:33 am
the trailer. and law everything enforcement trailer. and i have susan counsel in front of the trailer. >> she was shot to dell. >> another one rushed. and to the waiting ambulance. >> and the 40-year-old deputy was a married mother of two. >> she was shot while photographing in the park. >> she responded to a call of shorts fired in the youria. and actor hub behl was shot. and try td to convince them of fire. >> and it is rate through the front door. en and busted up the windows. >> it is a stunning loss for the department who must now be planning her funeral. she will be coming in a coffin
6:34 am
draped by a flag. >> she was wearing a bulletproof vest. >> and sandra laws. >> she was known as a dead can caughted officer without taking a sick day. >> on saturday morning, they found him suffering from stab pound. in about agency he is da. >> and awaiting. an autopsy. >> they haven't made any that'ses. >> and it has been an agonizing start. to one roll family. after their daughter disappears without a lace. >> that would be if she says object the story. >> and andrea. >> there are no confirmed sightings. >> since though went missing,.
6:35 am
>> my baby is not a runaway. >> reporter: she said she is did he say brought to meshed her daughter. >> amend a motion as wreck. >> and my emotions are all over the place. >> annealersing down to the plaza. >> she is not familiar with the city and history with her wall let. a be and o cellphone. >> it appears she is going to and straight a student from north carolina. >> on friday, they investigated the report that she was staying at a shelter in downtown baltimore. >> they were mistaken about her identity. >> no one knows where she is
6:36 am
at. somebody knows where she is at. i am telling you new york city god will get you. >> stoudemire dents in barnes -- students in barnes will rush. >> more than 1300 if people have read about it. and they are pleading for any and all tips. >> her nine month old trippings. >> are stuck to the cab. >> and that set off a rabe raks. . >> that used several to be in critical from can tn. >> he is arrested for drive diagnose without a suspended license. >> and republic cans are ready to take over the house. they are sowing to go over the
6:37 am
healthcare plan. and with the votes slated for this month. >> they are promising to put up. and help all americans. >> turning to sports. they will name a new football coach. >> the new coach will be randy edsell. and guiding them to a pair of deference eatles. and finishing up 10 year signs for lame. >> they did its wart. to getting it other. and they put up one touchdown. >> that is leaning too soon jitters this morning. >> despite 12 season regular victories. and a third to the playoff. >> they admit disappointment. >> the game was ugly for both
6:38 am
teams. >> joe was tacked 12 timms. >> and it is the intercepted passes. and recovered a bay fumble. the only ravens touchdown was a 7-yard line. >> they hold on to a 17-win. >> you don't want to take it often. >> about well, this was a meaningful thanks are frustrated. and we have to find a which way to win the next game. >> we are not apologizing for a win. >> it is regardless of how you got it. >> and seven wins in eight games. but it is on the road for the
6:39 am
third considerative year. >> find out if the faceoff with the chiefs. next saturday route here. >> and one. >> we are taking it. >> and it as ugly 12-4. >> that was not a pretty game. yesterday. >> never have so many been so upset with a rang. >> we will ask all the questions. during the week, you will get typical jock talk. very little insight. and you have toadied in between the lines. >> we have to find a way to win on done say. >> and all the hand ringing and the monday morning quarterback. >> ed read. >> how great is it it. the we are going into kansas
6:40 am
city with a defense that could make up for the inequities. >> in which it plays x. >> that's all i can humanly hope for. >> it is the post season. the rubber has hurt the road. >> get out of our way. >> the chiefs on sunday. you can see the game at clun:00. >> okay. >> well, all right. >> coming up on and william ballet win much anyone's us. >> it is the reg list killer. >> and he was log properties. >> and that is something you may be experiencing in your pocket. we have the traffic control weather when we come back. please stay with us. nighttime nasal congestion meant, i couldn't breathe right.
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. it is a new kind of warning. they debut a new anchor team and this is what you can expect to see. >> i am chris wragge. > ism jen hill. >> it is one the greatest jobs in the world. we get to see and do things that i would never have dreamed would be possible. >> morning television, there is so many things you can do. and also doing everything from cooking to working out. to human interest stories and that is what is so great about morning television. >> i love news. if i am not changing a diaper or eating food. or feeding my baby. i have my face in a magazine or book. or the computer screen. >> i taught high school english for four years and i loved it. and i thought. there has got to be something
6:45 am
else that i have to do and i am doing it. >> it is right here on "the early show." >> watch erica hill. and chris wragge beginning this morning. in 15 minutes. marty? >> we will talk weather here. it is going to and nice couple of days as we start this first work week of the year. it continues to control the weather and we are in a bit of a cool flow. and temps from 28 to 32. and breeze out of the northwest. and it is coming from where it is rather chilly. we will call it cooler and not colder than the past two or three days of the year and the normal is 42. overnight is clear. and that is normal. we will kick it up to 45 degrees and mix of clouds and suns. and back up into the 30s. and on friday. which is the seventh. which i always tell people
6:46 am
traditionally is the start of the lower part of the behl curve for our weather when it comes to the month. and this winter. >> couple of snow showers around. it is high of 37 kegs. and it is -- 37 degrees. >> thank you. >> we will go to shah sharon gibala. and it is a late start. and one issue, we have a vehicle fire on the under loop at southwestern boulevard. and starting to see minor delays on the top sides. between 85. and 93. that is the top side the beltway. looking good in that shot and running smoothly much there is a live look at the northwest side at greensburg avenue. we have fine did quality toys and trucks. first time you will (mark) save more in the long return.
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back to you guys. >> i pulled the phone off the charger at 3:30. it is 6:46. i am down a quarter of the battery. i haven't even used the thing. >> thus is the genesis with this day and it is billy baldwin and furnished by lifetime. >> ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome just a normal guy who has cellphone battery problems like the rest of us, billy baldwin. >> we were doing technical work and listening to a message. and i was messing around with my phone. and so many people got droids or advanced iphones and they suck up batteries like a like a kid sucks up milk. >> i am glad i am on television and i can lamb blast them. i had to return my iphone 3-4 times.
6:48 am
the battery life was not acceptable. then they tut it in some gizmo and said it is not functioning properly. >> how many times do you wants me to come back and sit at the genius bar. >> i returned this phone four times. and finally, they gave me the four. and, of course they should have given it to me. and i had to extend my contract for a year or some damned thing. and i am relieved to say it is way, far more than sufficient. and only had the thing for two months. >> you would have known it after one day. >> i have a droid 2 and until i put the app on. you plug it in all night long and it was gone can after two hours. >> it is boys and toys. and keeps us happy and audio. round of applause. >> not only that, we work so we
6:49 am
can buy toys. your latest project is interesting. it is not up death. -- up beat. but it is timely. you play the detective who pulls this thing together. >> let's talk about it. >> you know, the story of fill lip markoff. >> a fast skate innating story. >> he is a white well-educated mail from an affluent family. and was attend tag if medical school. and swept this beautiful young women. >> and incredible opportunity. and then you introduce the whole ted bund did i factor, the boy next door. he is normal, charming. intelligent s and all of a sudden, you find that he has
6:50 am
got this other side. and escapable of this you know, very, very disturbing, bordering on behavior. and there in ryes all the questions and answers. >> they want to get to the bottom of why did he do this. >> and we may never know. >> that leaves a lot of people frustrated. and it leaves it open ended. >> it is not the closure people are looking for. >> it is very simply in mental illness. >> how can anybody commit that type of an act that isn't. and has to be wrong with their brain. >> was there an easy read for you when you were approached? did they have to sell you to play the character. >> you know, you don't have to read the script. i was so familiar with the case
6:51 am
after having read so much on the internet. and i portrayed earlier a guy named robert chambers in a movie called the prepty murder. which is a similar type of incident. when you look at chambers. >> and now this guy van der sloot. there is an obsession. that they have with this. it doesn't add up and we are looking for answers. and i was drawn to it for that it answer. >> i want to thank you for your time. honesty and candor. >> we hope all your batteries work well. >> this is being shown on. and if you his miss it, it will be a few more times. >> strong battery life. >> okay. >> you know what, that is the
6:52 am
saying for the year. and i will give you credit. billy baldwin. >> we wish for strong battery life. >> that is great. >> what are your hopes for the new year's. >> strong battery life. >> you stay tuned. and we have traffic control. and first morning weather. and that it continues right after this. [ female announcer ] to do well, kids need to eat well. and eating well means getting enough whole grain and calcium. and general mills big g kid cereals can help. did you know it's the only leading line of kid cereals with at least 8 grams of whole grain and a good source of calcium? cereals they already love, like lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch. give your kids more of what they need to be their best. grow up strong, with big g kid cereals.
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. five and a half to seven. >> we will take a look at the forecast. high 40. sunshine in the area.
6:55 am
pretty seasonal. and now to sharon. >> how is it going. >> happy new year to everybody. i expected more people to be on the roads to school and work this morning. o so far not much to talk about. >> only minor delays on the south side of the beltway. and 53 miles an hour. and 11 minutes interest. we can -- 11 minutes there. >> there is a look at 95. and running smoothly at this hour. thrown is a the northwest side. and this is brought to you -- this is the northwest side. back to you, don. a teenager visiting from north carolina is still missing. she hasn't been seen since last tuesday. she was staying with family behind the plaza. there is no confirmed sightings of her in the area for a week. >> they ask anyone with
6:56 am
information to call the police. a stabbing inside the medical center leave as man dead. he died in the hospital in bethesda. the and his body is at the state medicaller's office a wait -- medical examiner's office. >> greg person st. augustine will take the oath -- personstein and take the oath this morning. he blamed her for failing to get long prison terms for repeat offenders. mega millions could help you do that. tomorrow night someone could hit the jackpot which is $290 million. >> there have been 15 straight winnings. and it is played in 41 states and plus the district of columbia. the next drawing is tomorrow night. >> stay with wjz, complete new,
6:57 am
weather and traffic ahead this morning. coming up. an investigation for sexually inappropriate video for the uss enterprise. all kinds of representer cushions this morning. here comes the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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